Licensing of Law Firms and Recognised Bodies

Law Firms and Recognised Bodies Licensed to Operate in the Cayman Islands

In accordance, with the Legal Practitioners Law (2012 Revision) a law firm or recognised body which employs six or more attorneys-at-law must obtain an operational licence. For a full list of attorneys authorised to practice in the Cayman Islands, see the page on this website Licensed Attorneys.

Firm Reference Number
Appleby FOL 1/2013
Arka Legal Corporate Services FOL 29/2013
Aurora Law FOL0003/2019
Barton Ltd FOL0008/2018
BB & Associates Attorneys at Law FOL 0002/2020
Bedell Cristin Cayman Partnership (formerly Solomon Harris) FOL 19/2013
Bodden and Bodden FOL 3/ 2013
BP & Associates FOL 0002/2019
Broadhurst LLC FOL 5/2016
Brooks & Brooks FOL 3 /2018
Bush and Bush FOL07/2018
Cacho & Cacho FOL0005/2017
Campbells FOL 7/2013
CampbellsLegal 7/2013
Carey Olsen FOL 0004/2013
Cayman Family Law FOL 0004/2020
Chapmans Legal Ltd FOL 0001/2020
Chapmans Ltd FOL 30/2013
Circumference Legal 0033/2013
Collas Crill FOL 27/2013
Conyers Dill & Pearman FOL 23/2013
CP Attorneys FOL0003/2020
Dillon Eustace FOL1/2015
Dinner Martin t/a Dentons FOL 8/2013
Estera FOL 0009/2018
Etienne Blake FOL 2/2015
Farouk and Associates FOL 32/2013
Forbes Hare FOL 9/2013
Giglioli & Company FOL 9/2017
Hampson & Company FOL0007/2017
Higgs & Johnson FOL 0011/2013
HSM Chambers FOL 12/2013
HSM IP LTD. FOL 13/2013
Jacob Law 0008/2017
Kobre and Kim (Cayman) FOL 28/2013
KSG FOL0004/2017
Loeb Smith FOL 24/2013
Maples and Calder FOL 14/2013
Mark Beckford and Co. FOL2/2017
McGrath Tonner FOL 18/2013
Mourant Ozannes FOL 0015/2013
Nelson & Co FOL 0005/2018
Ocorian Law (Cayman) Limited FOL0009/2018
Ogier FOL 16/2013
Phoenix Legal FOL 5 of 2019
Priestleys FOL 6/2013
Quality Law Services FOL 06/2018
Ritch & Conolly FOL 17/2013
Samson Law Associates FOL 3/2017
SilverOak Legal (Cayman) FOL 5/2013
Stuarts Walker Hersant FOL 20/2013
Symons & Symons FOL 31/2013
Travers Thorp Alberga FOL 21/2013
Walkers FOL 22/2013
Watler Law FOL0006/2017