Instituting Small Claims

Where a claim is so small as not to justify engaging an attorney, claimants are encouraged to act for themselves.

The Small Claims Handbook Volume 1, Volume 2 (Forms), prepared by the Office of the Complaints Commissioner, is a useful guide to help you decide whether you can make a claim and how to proceed. It appears on the Judicial website with the permission of the Complaints Commissioner whose property it remains. Any inquiries about its content should be directed to the Office of the Complaints Commissioner.

Claimants who need assistance for the filing of such claims in the Summary Court should attend at the Court Registry and ask to speak to a Civil Clerk. They should have any documentation that might help to prove their claim. The claim must appear to be provable; spurious claims will not be assisted. A written statement in support of the claim must be made to be put before the Court. Small filing fees are payable and, if the services of the Bailiff are required for service of the claim and of the summons for attendance before the Court, a further small fee will be payable.

The Court Registry will assign a date for the hearing of the claim.