Information for Lawyers


Financial Services Division

The Financial Services Division of the Grand Court was created in 2009 recognising the need for special procedures and skills in dealing with the more complex civil cases that arise out of the financial sector in the Cayman Islands. | learn more

Trustee in Bankruptcy

The Bankruptcy Law (1997 Revision) sets out the law and procedures in relation to bankruptcy proceedings. | learn more

Probate and Administration

When a person dies and leaves an estate somebody has to deal with his or her estate. | learn more

Mutual Legal Assistance Treaty

One of the Island’s primary international relationships for mutual legal assistance is that with the United States pursuant to the Mutual Legal Assistance Treaty (MLAT) with that country. | learn more

Cause Lists

For your convenience and reference you can access published Cause Lists for all court sittings. | view cause lists

Court Fees

Court Fees, Notary Public Fees, Legal Practitioners Fees, Law Firm Operational Fees, Legal Aid Contributions, Fees for subscription to reported and unreported judgments, and Miscellaneous Fees. | view court fees

Licencing of Law Firms

In accordance, with the Legal Practitioners Law (2012 Revision) a law firm or recognised body which employs six or more attorneys-at-law must obtain an operational licence. | learn more

Licensing Fees & Subscriptions

Get full and unlimited access to the Cayman Islands Law Reports, Laws in Force and Unreported Judgments. | learn more

The law library is the main law resource for the courts and provides legal literature, reference and research resources and services to the judiciary and the court staff in the pursuit of the administration of justice.


The Law Librarian is  Mrs. Beverley Speirs. Mrs Speirs can be reached at:(tel): 345 244 3876 or by email at


The library has a collection of more than 5,000 volumes, including a selection of Cayman Islands legal materials – judgments and rulings of the court, statutes, and regulations. The collection mainly comprises leading law reports of England & Wales, Laws of England, and forms and precedents. The catalogue can be viewed at here but does not include the Law Reports.

The hard copy collection is supplemented by online legal resources – available to Judicial Department staff only – facilitating access to over 150 legal databases. These include full-text law reports, electronic journals, case citators, legislation, loose-leaf services, and more.

Rules of Use

Attorneys may use the library for reference purposes only. Members of the general public are allowed to use the library with the permission of the Court Administrator. | learn more